Our Grass Fed Beef

Our heifers are currently bought in at 6 months of age from local farmers within a few miles of Mainsgill Farm. We choose heifers because they produce the best beef.

In 2015 we welcomed Billy the bull to our farm, an 18 month old pedigree Limousin. In the future we are looking to breed our own calves from him, so we have selected the very best heifers for Bill to breed with.

The grass fed heifers are allowed to roam the fields until winter comes, when the cattle are then brought inside and fed silage (fermented grass).

Our grass fed heifers are reared to the highest standards of animal husbandry and welfare.

The heifers live on grass, their natural diet for the remainder of their lives until they are about two years old. At this age they are ready to be slaughtered at our local abattoir, Jewitts in Spenymoor. The carcasses then come back to Mainsgill Farm.

The carcasses are hung on the bone for 28 days to allow time for the grass fed beef to mature before butchery. We then sell directly to our customers in our farm shop, meaning we can offer the highest quality produce at an affordable price.

Why we believe grass fed beef is better

• It's allowed to grow & develop naturally, which leads to superior flavour and nutrition.

• Grass fed beef is much higher in vitamins A,D,E & K

• Grass fed beef contains more heart healthy Omega 3 essential fatty acids

• Grass fed beef is lower in fat than grain fed beef